What You'll Learn

  • Evidence-based

    All of my content is backed by scientific evidence, proposed mechanisms of action and peer-reviewed research

  • Safe

    All of the modalities discussed on this learning platform have been proven safe

  • Effective

    I'll teach you how to determine what is likely to be effective for you, as an individual, to save you time, effort and money

Course curriculum

  • 01
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    • Thank You for Enrolling! FREE PREVIEW
    • The Process: The Timeline and Milestones of Your Journey to Discovering Your Biotype
    • The Process: Discovering Your Biotype
    • It's All About YOU
    • Meet the Creator of The Self-healer Institute & Your Instructor
    • ***Intake Forms***
    • Any Questions?
  • 02
    Assessment of Your Biotype Characteristics
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    • Biotype Characteristic Checklists
    • Take the 5 Biotypes Quiz
    • Undermethylator Quiz
    • High Copper/Zinc Ratio Quiz
    • Gut Inflammation Quiz
    • Toxin Overload Quiz
    • Overmethylator Quiz
    • Biotype Characteristics Discussion Board
  • 03
    Leveraging Your Body's Neuromuscular System
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  • 04
    Testing & Interpreting
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    • Depression Biotype Lab Tests w/ Results Key
    • Testing Discussion
  • 05
    The Two Targeted Nutrients That are Beneficial for EVERY Biotype
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    • Two Key Nutrients
    • Targeted Key Nutrient Discussion
  • 06
    What to Eat by Biotype
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    • Why You Should Quit Sugar
    • Causes of Sugar Addiction
    • The Process: Quitting Sugar
    • Sugar-free Living Guide
  • 07
    Mindset Reprogramming
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    • The Bioenergetics of Getting a Good Night's Sleep
  • 08
    Reassessing Your Characteristics
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    • How to Find a Home/Work Environment w/ that Promotes Bioenergetic Balance
  • 09
    Sustaining Your Success
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    • Infrared Sauna Blueprint Audio
    • Portable Infrared Sauna Blueprint
    • Infrared Sauna Blueprint w/ Links to Materials (including non-toxic)
    • IR Sauna Build Discussion
  • 10
    BONUS: How to get optimal sleep to support mental health
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    • Gut Health Smoothie Guide: How to Create Your own Keto, Low-lectin, and Histamine-balanced Smoothies (includes 6 recipes)

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